32 Best Pixie Cuts of September 2020

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Pixie cuts might seem a little daunting and unusual for women, but the style is chic, beautiful, and gives you a lot of freedom to do what you want with your hair. With a pixie cut it is a lot easy to color your hair, and honestly maintenance is a thing of the past. If you love sleeping in that extra fifteen minutes or not having to worry about blow drying your hair, a pixie cut would be perfect for you.

Going to a pixie might seem like a giant leap of faith, but trust us, the look will make your feel powerful, but beautiful. We took a look through Instagram and found some of our favorite pixie styles that is perfect for September.

1. Boyish Cut

With a boyish pixie you have a lot of short layers that don’t take too much work to look good.

2. Length

This pixie gives you a little more length of the sides.
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3. Layers

Go for a longer pixie that you can throw multiple layers through.

4. Platinum Pixie

With a pixie it is super easy to lighten your hair.

5. Curled Pixie

Leave a little length on top your pixie so you can add a curl through it.
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6. Volume Pixie

By adding a little length, some styling cream, and layers, you’ll get a stunning pixie.

7. Unique Pixie

Play with length, layers, and color with your pixie to get your own unique style.

8. Undercut

Give your pixie a little dimension by adding an undercut to your look.

9. Design

The cool thing about a pixie is the unique and cool designs you can add into your look.

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