These Long Haircuts Are Going To Be Huge in 2021

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Haircuts for long hair 2021 is a variety of current stylistic decisions in combinations with proven classics. Spit to waist, luxurious curls, ability to create complex hairstyles: all this makes long hair every girl’s dream.

Just to grow the hair is not enough for them to look perfect. Proper care and stunning haircuts are essential for the hair to look beautiful.

Haircuts for long hair are not as monotonous and boring as it may seem at first sight. In addition, this year bright and non-standard coloring is in fashion. Those can make any hair, even with the simplest haircuts look trendy and stylish.

Haircuts For Long Hair 2021

Haircuts for long hair 2021: stylish hair trends 2021 ideas

Naturalness and simplicity are the main requirements for a modern hairstyle. In haircuts for long hair 2021, two cutting techniques are in fashion: cascading and ragged.

Bright, unusual bows blend harmoniously with ragged bangs of different textures. Uneven length will make the hair look fashionable.

Haircuts For Long Hair 2021
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In 2021 straight hair and naughty curly hair will be relevant  Also, all restrictions on color diversity are removed.

Despite the trend of naturalness, fashionable women can also paint their hair in most incredible colors.

However, if you don’t want to modify your look so drastically, then for a stylish haircut, we recommend choosing original, natural highlighting.

Graduated multi-layered options will be relevant for both unruly curls and completely smooth hair. Textured strands will make the bow more dynamic and natural.

Haircuts For Long Hair 2021

Lovers of non-ordinary hairstyles will like the transformation of the usual bob. The extended version is a great opportunity to look original, while not trying to shock anyone.

Many women choose this spectacular and memorable haircut, because it just looks gorgeous on any quality hair.

Asymmetrical transition from a short crown to long tips is the main trend of the season. It visually pulls out the attractive face. Additionally, this hairstyle can hide a square chin or a short neck.

Haircuts For Long Hair 2021
Haircuts For Long Hair 2021
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Haircuts for long hair 2021: tips from haircut trends 2021

Absolutely all haircuts fit oval faces. Round-faced women should choose multi-layered haircuts with a voluminous top and asymmetrical options.

In case of a triangular face, you should prefer haircuts with oblique or straight bangs. For square ones, asymmetrical and structural haircuts with straight and oblique partitions should be preferred.

In case the face is elongated, then you should choose haircuts with bangs. In presence of fine hair, haircuts that create volume, preferably from the roots, are necessary.

For thick-haired women all options of haircuts for long hair 2021 are perfect.

Haircuts For Long Hair 2021

Bob is a fashionable haircut for short and medium hair. However, 2021 slightly changes the rules. Currently long version of this haircut are in trend. The diagonal of bob starts from the middle of the neck.

The lower ends of the hair reach the chest. For this the haircut can be called long. This is an acceptable option for those who are bored of walking with very long hair, but it՛s a pity to cut them altogether.

A similar option is elongated bob. Its length falls slightly below the shoulders. Small curls add noticeable volume. Bob on long hair can also have a diagonal cut.

Back hair should be a couple of centimeters shorter than the front strands.

Haircuts For Long Hair 2021

Both cuts will suit any type of dyeing. Bob and elongated bob are good for natural hair.

You can obtain additional volume with color transition from dark roots to light ends. Fashionable bob can be colored: try experimenting with blue, purple, and pink hues.

Haircuts For Long Hair 2021

An even cut is one of the most sought-after haircuts and has several advantages. First, it’s this hairstyle that adds extra volume to the tips, visually makes hair thicker and heavier.

Secondly, straight cut looks very stylish and neat. Ends shouldn’t stick out in different directions, which means you will have to master the art of choose styling products and drying your hair with brushing.

Also, when choosing this haircut, it’s worth considering that you won’t be able to get rid of all the damaged hair at a time, unless, of course, you suddenly decide on a radical change and a shorter hairstyle.

Haircuts For Long Hair 2021

Haircuts for long hair 2021: fashion hairstyle 2021 cascade

Cascade is the best choice for hair of maximum length. This haircut remains the most sought-after among the owners of long curls. Its main principle is the gradual change in length of the strands from the crown to the tips. Cascade can be different:

  • Flat
  • Ragged and asymmetrical
  • Smooth
  • Voluminous
  • With bangs
  • Without bangs.
Haircuts For Long Hair 2021

Cascade hairdo has several undeniable advantages:

  • Fits any face shape
  • Makes thick strands lightweight and voluminous
  • It makes thin hair thicker
  • Emphasizes the beauty and focuses on color tinges of stylish toning ombre, shatush and balayage
  • It makes possible to create beautiful straight, wavy and curly styling.
Haircuts For Long Hair 2021

Cascading transitions are expressive. Haircut cascade looks great on curly hair. The photos below are an example of beautiful cascading haircuts on wavy and curly hair.

Haircuts for long hair 2021: fashionable layered haircuts 2021

Another option for haircuts for long hair 2021 is layered hair. It’s a marvelous option for those who don’t want to radically change the length of their hair, but want to refresh the hairstyle.

It’s often confused with cascade hairstyle. Indeed they are similar. Their main similarity is that the curls are of different lengths. However, there is a significant difference: cascade has sharp, noticeable transitions between strands, and layered hair has smooth, stepped characteristics. In layered haircuts, only the edges of the hairstyle are graduated.

Moreover, layers flow into one another smoothly, forming a neat, multi-layered edge. Layered hair can be with and without bangs (flat or oblique).

Haircuts For Long Hair 2021

The main advantages of layered haircut:

  • It creates dynamics and animates the even strands
  • Balances the sharp outlines of the face with clear geometry: triangle, square and rectangle
  • Practically doesn’t changed the length of the hair
  • Easily amenable to versatile styling
Haircuts For Long Hair 2021

Disadvantage: not too suitable for owners of fluffy, curly and unruly hair.

Haircuts For Long Hair 2021
Haircuts For Long Hair 2021
Haircuts For Long Hair 2021
Haircuts For Long Hair 2021
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